How to become a Talking Dogs scentwork®


Talking Dogs Scentwork® Accredited Trainers are different

By only offering the opportunity of becoming a TDS Accredited Trainer to trainers who already possess the general canine knowledge and training skills required to help all dogs and owners achieve success, clients can be confident that they will get a great experience whichever TDS Accredited Trainer they choose. The art of teaching requires that the trainer makes it look easy. But recognising the dog’s physical, behavioural and emotional needs in addition to a thorough understanding of both learning theory and the TDS systems is far from easy. There are no short cuts. You cannot teach this effectively and with empathy without having experienced the workshops as both delegate and trainer. You cannot teach this if you have simply spectated or been on a couple of workshops - ethical and professional standards dictate that you must have a thorough, not fleeting, knowledge and understanding of the subject before asking people to pay for you to teach them. All TDS Accredited Trainers understand this and have demonstrated their competency in all areas. Our trainers work hard for around 2 years learning the art of practising and teaching scentwork in addition to their existing general dog training and behaviour skills. All our trainers keep their skills up to date by regularly attending seminars, workshops and conferences led by respected industry professionals from all over the world.

Attending a couple of workshops or reading a few books does not make a great scentwork trainer. Lack of experience can turn dogs off scentwork completely, usually as a result of adding needless pressure to the dog through inappropriate search areas and lack of understanding of the role of handling skills. Instead of building confidence, reducing anxiety and building strong bonds with their handlers, the opposite results are all too easy to produce.

So when you come to a Talking Dogs Scentwork® workshop or class, you know that the trainer has all the skills you and your dog needs to have a sublime scentwork experience.


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Benefits of Accreditation

Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming an Accredited Trainer:

Increased earning opportunities

Access to TDS Official workshop materials and logos

Promotion and support of workshops, classes & events through TDS HQ and the growing network of TDS Accredited Trainers around the country

Supply TDS Official products

Accredited Trainer workshops

Access to the Accredited Trainer’s Facebook group

Free membership of the TDS Members’ Club

Client confidence gained by being part of the TDS family


Leisl with her cocker spaniels Muppet & Krumble

Photo Copyright Chris Pritchard

Leisl became our second Accredited Trainer in Spring of 2014. Most weekends Leisl and cocker spaniels Muppet and Krumble can be found doing some sort of dog activity albeit TD Scentwork®, Rally, basic Agility, Clicker Training or something more academic, TTouch, Dog Law or Canine First Aid workshops.  Leisl gained her Microchipping qualification and has represented Pets As Therapy at Crufts for many years.  In 2010 Muppet won the PAT Dog of the Year and was presented in front of nearly 10,000 people at Crufts.  Leisl is an Approved Examiner for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, having tested over 400 dogs to date. Krumble arrived in 2010. Described as “the brains of the operation” and constantly on the go, she is also a registered PAT Dog. Leisl and Krumble started their sniffing journey in 2012 when it became apparent that Krumble was under stimulated, bored and destructive.  They signed up for a Talking Dogs Scentwork® workshop and, as they say, the rest was history!

Leisl can be contacted by phone: 07725 040117, email: or through her website

Leisl is based in Wiltshire so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the South West and Wales.



Helen is our very first Accredited Trainer, having gained her licence in 2013. Helen has over 15 years experience training dogs, including fostering and rehabilitating rescue dogs, and has been teaching owners at all levels how to train their own dogs for 5 years.  She runs her own behaviour practice and also offers pet dog training classes and private tuition locally.  Helen has a BSc in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from the University of Southampton, which she passed with distinction.  She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT 1173) and a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)

Helen can be contacted by phone: 07956 491259, email:

or through her website

Helen is based in Hertfordshire so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the Home Counties.



Linda has been around dogs all her life. Her parents were German Shepherd breeders so she was lucky enough to spend her childhood with a dog, of one size or another, on the bed, every night! She has many years experience of dog ownership and training, with a variety of breeds and personalities! Linda has also worked with, and fostered, rescue dogs. She is an experienced dog trainer running pet dog classes with CaDeLac Dog Training and Behaviour. She also runs her own dog walking and training business, Happy Walks. She currently owns 2 German Shepherds, 2 cats and a very bossy lop eared bunny! Linda’s enthusiasm for scentwork started when she began looking for something fun to do with her youngest dog, and admits it’s the most enjoyable and rewarding thing she has ever done with her dogs. Linda has completed many courses, workshops and seminars on a variety of dog related topics, including behaviour and communication, aggression and reactivity, T Touch, canine massage and canine first aid. Linda gained her TDS Trainer accreditation at the end of 2014.

Linda can be contacted by phone: 07596 965607,

email: or

through her website

Linda is based in Derbyshire so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the Midlands.


One half of the Well Connected Canine team (with Morag, fellow Accredited Trainer), Clare started Talking Dogs Scentwork® in 2013 with her Working Cocker Spaniel, Poppy. They were both instantly addicted. Scentwork has played a large role in helping Clare’s two rescue dogs with their behaviour problems. With Beano her deaf and blind Collie it provides mental stimulation and encourages calmness, which in turn helps reduce occurrences of him spinning and tail biting. With her German Shepherd, Spencer, Clare can see scentwork building his confidence in new places and around things he finds worrying. Clare has a BSc (Hons) in Canine Behaviour and Training, and has been instructing dog training classes for over 4 years, as well as volunteering and working in rescue for over 5 years.  She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT 01259) Clare became an Accredited Trainer at the end of 2014. She says “The best thing about teaching Talking Dogs Scentwork® is seeing the look on a client’s face when their dog gets the find, it’s unbeatable.” 

Clare can be contacted by phone: 07985 478969,

email: or through her website

Clare is based in Yorkshire so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the North.


Morag writes: I love sniffing! Really that’s the most important thing you need to know about me, oh and I love teaching people just as much as I love teaching dogs. As a professional dog trainer and behaviourist running Well Connected Canine Ltd along with Clare (Ross), fellow Accredited Trainer, TD Scentwork® has been a fabulous tool to use with our own dogs and with clients.  Since finding Pam and TDS in early 2013 I’ve completed all the main workshops with Bronte (deaf and part-blind collie) and Freya (regular collie!). Seeing the joy my own dogs get from doing scentwork, as well as the confidence it builds in them inspired me to become a trainer. I regularly use scentwork within behaviour rehabilitation sessions, and it’s so easy to use in rescue centres even with dogs who aren’t comfortable with humans.  

Morag gained her TDS Trainer accreditation at the end of 2014.

Morag can be contacted by phone: 07786 864700,

email: or through her website

Morag is based in Yorkshire so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the North.

Working towards your Licence to Train

1. Work your way through all 5 scent workshops

2. Gain Accredited Handler status at Scent 6

3.  Volunteer at TDS Workshops to both gain workshop delivery experience  and demonstrate your skills

4.  Show evidence of pet dog training experience

5.  Attend invitation only Accredited Trainer workshops

  1. 6. If all goes well, you may then be offered a licence to join the family.

Please note that working through all these stages does not guarantee the offer of becoming a licensed trainer.

The number of licensed trainers in each area is carefully controlled.


Having previously worked with dogs, horses, cattle (and one goat!), Alison was brought back into the world of animals through Bob, a very lively, nosey Springer X Labrador. Adopted at 9 months old, working with this highly driven boy led her to become an assistant at a local dog training club, a fully qualified Search and Rescue Dog Handler and then a TD Scentwork© addict. With a background in training and education, Alison was naturally drawn to the joys of passing on knowledge and skills, enabling people to enjoy building good relationships with their dogs. As well as assisting with puppy and dog training classes for 5 years, she volunteers time at a rescue, has been providing one-to-one pet dog training for a couple of years and been active in working and training Search and Rescue dogs for over five years. She recently adopted a nervous young Pointer X Labrador named Peg and immediately started using scentwork to build trust and confidence with her. Alison writes, “The world of scent is endlessly fascinating to me and enriches my dogs’ lives in a way no other activity can.  It’s beneficial to dogs and owners at any stage of their lives together and I’m delighted to be in a position to pass that on to others.”

Alison became an Accredited Trainer in February 2016.

Alison can be contacted by phone: 07950 034707 or


Alison is based in Essex so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the South East.


Naomi says ‘I became addicted to TD Scentwork® several years ago after attending the workshops with both my late bullmastiff cross, Austin and lively terrier Ringo (the workshops were so good I did them twice!) and was fascinated by the way that two, such totally different dogs, who worked in such different ways could both succeed. Out of all of the things I’ve done with my dogs, TDS has given me the strongest feeling of working together as a team and I got so much enjoyment out of watching other human-canine partnerships develop the same bond and get the same buzz, that once I qualified as an Accredited Handler I began assisting at a range of workshops with the intention of combining my passion for scentwork with the skills I’ve  developed through my career as a teacher’ Naomi currently works as a secondary school teacher so holds QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). ‘Watching the look that passes between dog and human when the dog “finds it” is as addictive as doing scentwork myself and I want to make that happen more! I currently share my life with three canine companions, two rescue terriers – Ringo and Dusty AKA “Team Small” and a German Shepherd, Rosie. I have fostered a range of dogs of all ages and breeds and assisted at a variety of training classes and enjoy continually developing my knowledge of all things dog by attending a range of seminars, courses and workshops.’

Naomi became an Accredited Trainer in February 2016.

Naomi can be contacted by phone: 07833 478211 or


Naomi is based in Cumbria so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the North.

Quick Guide

Trainers listed geographically

To contact your chosen trainer, just add their name to

Central & Northern Scotland and the Scottish Islands - Moira Owers

Central & Southern Scotland and Cumbria - Naomi Hillman

Northern England -  Morag Heirs

                                 Clare Ross

East Midlands - Linda Shearman

West Midlands - Sharon Edwards

East of England - Sally Talbot

Home Counties - Helen Greenley

                          - Merica Fuard

South East of England - Alison Mercer

South West of England, South & Wales - Leisl de Lafontaine


With a lifelong passion for dogs, wildlife and the west coast of Scotland, after some 20 years as a holiday destination the Isle of Mull is now home to Moira, her wife and their Border Terrier, Puffin. Having left Essex to fulfill a dream to live amidst beautiful and dramatic scenery, populated by magnificent birds of prey and their particular favourite, otters, Moira offers a variety of classes and events for islanders and visitors. From agility to TD Rally®, puppy classes to tricks, Moira’s endless enthusiasm for all aspects of dog training is apparent in all she does.

She qualified as the first full member of the IMDT and continues to develop her love and understanding of dogs, always keen to learn and keep an open mind.

Moira became an Accredited Trainer in May 2016.

Moira can be contacted by phone: 01688 400486 or

email: or

through her website

Moira is based on the Isle of Mull so is ideally situated for workshops

in Central & Northern Scotland and the Scottish Islands.


Sharon's career with dogs started over 25 years ago when she began working in a rescue and rehoming centre.  Loving her work but feeling frustrated with the stream of problem dogs going in and out of rescue Sharon left work to study for a degree in Animal Science and Behaviour.  Following this she spent 10 years lecturing, while teaching puppy and adult dog training classes during evenings and weekends.  As Sharon's training business grew she decided to make the leap into full time dog training, behaviour and day care.  Sharon now runs Lakeside Dog Day Care and Training along with her business partner Gail. 

Sharon discovered Talking Dogs Scentwork® in 2015 when she was looking for a workshop suitable for her nervous and reactive rescue spaniel, what she loved about Talking Dogs Scentwork® was how accommodating it was for all dogs and owners, regardless of age, breed or backround, the dogs needs always came first.  Sharon has seen the benefits scentwork has had on Harry and as his confidence has grown he is now able to attend other training events and workshops.  Sharon loves seeing other owners achieve the same results with their own dogs and believes scentwork is one of the best ways to build confidence and communication between dogs and owners.

Sharon is a member of the APDT and became an Accredited Trainer in 2017.

Sharon can be contacted by phone: 01527 503414 or

email: or

through her website

Sharon is based in Bromsgrove so is ideally situated for workshops

in Worcestershire and the West Midlands.


Merica studied BSc. (Hons) Animal Behaviour & Welfare, have 3 dogs; Yuki Choc Lab (8yrs), Squib Collie x Kelpie (9yrs) Kyo a Toller (20mnths). Merica really got into scentwork with Squib when she realised how much he loved to search...for anything! They started with TD Scentwork® 5 yrs ago  and have loved it ever since! Merica is working through the levels with her youngster, Kyo. Merica has been a pet dog instructor for the last 7yrs. She has competed in TD Rally®, Working Trials, Agility and Showing and has even had the pleasure of qualifying for Crufts in 2017 with Kyo & have been lucky enough to get picked again for 2018. Merica loves trying out new activities with her boys, as long as they are having fun, so is she!

Merica became an Accredited Trainer in 2017.

Merica can be contacted by phone on: 07881 625203


Merica is based in Watford so is ideally situated for workshops

in the Home Counties.


Sally first started working with dogs at the age of 15 where she was a weekend kennel maid. Initially her career was focused around yoga (which she still teaches at various locations), but with the arrival of her first beagle, Harry, things changed forever! Sally volunteered at Ely & District Dog training club as an assistant, then went on to be head trainer after qualifying with the ATDB. Whilst there she completed The Kennel Club Good Citizens Tests to Gold level with both of her beagle boys – Harry & the sadly departed and much missed Merlin, and now enjoys competing in TD Rally® too.  She stayed with Ely & District DTC for 7 years before starting up Happy Hounds Dog School where she teaches training, TD Rally®, and TD Scentwork®. Sally’s real passion is for the scentwork.  The incredible bond you form with your dog, the amazing ability to get a nosey hound to actually listen while sniffing (with two beagles it’s a godsend!), and the immense excitement some catnip or a piece of cheese can bring is what fills her heart with joy. Sally became an Accredited Trainer at the end of 2014.

Sally can be contacted by phone: 01353 675022,

email:  or through her website

Sally is based in Cambridgeshire so is ideally situated for workshops

throughout the East of England.